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Dear clients,

to pay a part of the purchase price through a mortgage loan, we have prepared a financing offer with the most favourable conditions, thanks to the cooperation with HYPOASISTENT, our mortgage partner.

For clients of the project we offer

Advantages of financing with HYPOASISTENT

free consultation, all HYPOASISTENT services are free, you will work with a personal mortgage specialist who will

Please note that the HYPOASISTENT service is intended only for clients who conclude a mortgage loan contract through it.

Financing through a mortgage loan without HYPOASISTENT

In the event that you decide not to use the HYPOASISTENT service, you assume the obligation to ensure the following processes and responsibility for the timely submission of all documents and the timely drawdown of the loan for the payment of the purchase price.

For clients who arrange a mortgage loan through HYPOASISTENT, the assigned Personal Mortgage Specialist will perform all of the above tasks.


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