Financing with a subsidised mortgage by UBM Development Czechia
with an interest rate guarantee of
2.99 % when buying an apartment in the Arcus City project and
2.89 % when buying an apartment in the Timber Praha project

In cooperation with the project partners, HYPOASISTENT s.r.o. and Raiffeisenbank a.s., a mortgage product was prepared for the clients of the Arcus City and Timber Praha project, allowing low monthly payments and low APR thanks to the interest rate of 2.99 % and 2.89 % with a fixation period of 2 years.

The mortgage becomes more affordable because the low payments allow the demanding person to obtain a higher value of the mortgage loan and lower income is sufficient to obtain it. When the fixation ends in 2 years, lower inflation and thus lower interest rates can be expected.

Experienced HYPOASISTENT specialists ensure convenient processing and drawing of the mortgage and the provider of the subsidised mortgage is the Raiffeisenbank banking house.

The fixation period starts from the approval of the loan and ends in 2 years. The client will take out the mortgage after completion, when they will receive a request for payment of the price. To this end, he will draw down the mortgage and start repaying it monthly in low instalments corresponding to an interest rate of 2.99 % or 2.89 %. At the end of the fixation period, the apartment owner will be offered a new rate by the bank, which he can accept or negotiate for a better rate or refinance with another bank free of charge.

We can also help you with standard mortgage financing

The mortgage partner of the Arcus City and Timber Praha project, HYPOASISTENT, will arrange financing with the most favourable terms and conditions for all mortgage banks.

Advantages of financing with HYPOASISTENT

free consultation, all HYPOASISTENT services are free, you will work with a personal mortgage specialist who will

Please note that the HYPOASISTENT service is intended only for clients who conclude a mortgage loan contract through it.

Financing through a mortgage loan without HYPOASISTENT

In the event that you decide not to use the HYPOASISTENT service, you assume the obligation to ensure the following processes and responsibility for the timely submission of all documents and the timely drawdown of the loan for the payment of the purchase price.

For clients who arrange a mortgage loan through HYPOASISTENT, the assigned Personal Mortgage Specialist will perform all of the above tasks.


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